About Us

Scottfree Markets was established in September 2013 by experienced index professionals to create a number of innovative benchmark and tradable indices tailored specifically for the Sub-Saharan African region. Our indices provide both local and foreign investors a tool for benchmarking portfolios, performance measurement and attribution, investment analysis, asset allocation, and serve as an underlying for index tracking products.

All Scottfree Markets indices are protected through various intellectual property rights under our trademark "SF Markets®”.

SF Markets currently provides over 50 equity and fixed income indices in multiple currencies, and in September 2015, successfully launched its first set of indices in the region, the SFNG Equity Index Series which provides an independent insight into the performance of the equity markets in Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa as of 2015.
In January 2016, SF Markets also introduced to the market the Alpha Bond Index, which tracks the most liquid of Nigerian Sovereign (Federal Government) bonds.



SF Markets mission is to be the leading provider of benchmark and tradable indices for the Sub-Saharan African region. The company, through experienced management, comprehensive research, first-class technology and alliances with key partners will design, calculate, manage and distribute indices for the region that are both independent and transparent.