What We Offer

SF Markets cover all aspects of index innovation, calculation, management and distribution as well as offering further services on the processing and treatment of corporate actions.

Products and services offered by SF Markets include:

  • Index Services
    • Index Design: Designing transparent and rules-based index offerings that are independent, reliable and trustworthy to a global client base.
    • Index Calculation: SF Markets through our Index Calculation Agent, Solactive AG, will calculate a host of indices real-time and end of day in price and total (gross & net) return variations.
    • Index Administration: SF Markets will conduct daily review and maintenance to ensure the integrity of all the indices.
    • Index Data Dissemination: Providing market participants and finance professionals reliable means to track market movements, conduct detailed benchmark performance analysis as well as receive essential data about underlying index components.
  • Custom Index Services 
    • Custom Index Solutions: Providing comprehensive custom index services to stock exchanges, investment banks, financial advisors, asset managers etc.
  • Index Data Delivery
    • Daily Index Data Files
    • Periodic Index Data Files
    • Historical Index Data Files
  • Index Licensing
    • SF Markets indices can be used as a benchmarking tool for tracking strategies, active and passive and can also be used to license Index Funds, ETFs, ETNs, Structured Products, Mutual Funds etc.