Corporate Event Window

The corporate event window is a unique indicative product that shows corporate events effective within the next 90 days for all securities within an index series offered by SF Markets. Corporate events covered by this product include:

  • Cash Dividend
  • Special Dividend
  • Capital Repayment
  • Stock Split
  • Reverse Stock Split (Consolidation)
  • Bonus Issue (Stock Dividend)
  • Rights Offering
  • Stock Dividend from another company
  • Share Buy Back/Repurchase of Shares/Self-Tender
  • Spin-off (Demerger)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Addition
  • Delisting, Suspension, Bankruptcy & Change of Listing
  • Free Float Changes
  • Share Changes
  • Corporate Action combinations of the above
For subscription to the corporate event window, please contact

Sample Corporate Event Window